Husband. Dad. 4x World Champion. Olympic Gold Medalist. 2x Olympian.


Jordan Burroughs @alliseeisgold 21 HOURS

@davidd_mcfadden @pennsylvaniartc Fakes and ear aches. Thanks brother! Appreciate your commitment and helping give… https://t.co/Mm82sSXzt1


Pennsylvania RTC @pennsylvaniartc September 23rd

RT @pennsylvaniartc: A quick stop in NYC for Mark to train with @MATrix_8692 and all of  @USAWrestling before heading to Oslo. Thank you to… 


Jordan Burroughs @alliseeisgold September 20th

@JoshLaBarbera Oh the game was tonight? I thought you were talking about next week. 


Jordan Burroughs @alliseeisgold September 20th

@Back2TheFutrell Appreciate it bro. Same time tomorrow? 😂 

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JB on the Joe Rogan Experience 

Wrestler Jordan Burroughs is an Olympic Gold medalist and four-time World Champion. 


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