Jordan Ernest Burroughs was born on July 8, 1988 in New Jersey and grew up in the town of Sicklerville. He began wrestling at the age of 5 and was inspired by the great wrestlers of the WWF to begin. His favorite wrestlers as a kid weren't Olympic Champions at all, but the Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage. He attended Winslow Township High School where he won three district titles, 2 regional championships, and a state title in 2006 at 135 pounds.

Jordan was actually the 52nd ranked senior in the nation in high school, proving that hard work, sacrifice, and persistence pays off. In 2006 he accepted a scholarship to the University of Nebraska to follow his long time friend and former teammate Vince Jones, and wrestle in Lincoln under head coach Mark Manning.

In college Burroughs had a tough transition early. He was 16-13 as a freshman. However, his work ethic continued to improve as did his abilities. The next 3 years he had a total record of 111-6. Finishing his junior and senior seasons with undefeated records 09' (35-0), 11' (36-0). He finished his career with three Big 12 titles and two national championships, including winning the Hodge Trophy, which is wrestling's equivalent to the Heisman. However, there was adversity throughout this process. In late 2009, after winning a national championship the year before, Burroughs was sidelined with a season ending knee injury in which he tore his LCL and PCL, calling for a 9 month recovery period. Burroughs hasn't lost since.

After graduating Jordan jumped right into the freestyle scene. Making his first world team in 2011, and becoming only the 4th wrestler in American history to win a NCAA and World Championship in the same year. He wasn't finished yet. Burroughs continued his path to greatness, making his first Olympic Team and winning a Olympic Gold medal in in August 2012 in London. He has amassed an amazing 38-0 international record, and is currently still undefeated since 2009.

Burroughs loves his social media. He is very engaging with his fans on Twitter and Facebook and posts multiple times daily. His Twitter handle is @alliseeisgold, which has earned him quite the reputation in the sports community.

His goal is to become the winningest wrestler in American history. In order to do so, he would have to win every World Championship from now until 2017, in addition to another Olympic Gold in Rio in 2016. He has set his goals high and is well on his way to becoming a legend in the sport. Jordan has received a bunch a interest from MMA and UFC fans, but until 2017 his main focus is wrestling.

Jordan considers himself a normal guy, and enjoys doing the simple things in life. He loves to play his favorite video games, Madden and FIFA on his XBOX and PS3. Burroughs enjoys shopping, and his 2 favorite things to buy are watches and shoes. Just like every other wrestler, good food is a must. His fav's are pepperoni pizza and hot wings! Besides Gold, he dreams of one day being able to park his dream car, an Audi A8, in his driveway. He has a hidden talent that would probably set him aside from many, although there is a trick to it. He can actually rip a phonebook in half. Some people refer to him as a modern day Superman due to his strength. However, Jordan also has weaknesses like any human being. Superman had Kryptonite, and although Jordan travels frequently to different states and countries,  Burroughs hates flying very much. How about that? A Superman afraid of flight. Jordan’s other weakness is golf.  He's definitely no Tiger Woods. He's decided to stick to double legs. Although Jordan is a wrestler, he has always had a huge love for football and has been a Denver Broncos fan since childhood, which is tough, especially growing up in a household full of Philadelphia Eagles fans. Jordan's favorite athlete, New York Jet's quarterback Tim Tebow, has had a similar journey to success, implementing hard work and sacrifice to become successful. A funny fact about Jordan is that when he was younger his family teased him for his large head, which is now pretty effective in finishing doubles. Not so funny for his opponents.

Before every match Jordan has a ritual that gets him pumped and it always consists of his Flips headphones, and Jay-Z. He loves listening to his iPod before competition, hearing good music and only seeing gold. Dream it. Do it, is his favorite quote and the motto he lives by. Jordan Burroughs may not be Superman, but he is definitely an American hero.

His awards and honors include:

International Freestyle

  • 2011 Pan American Champion - 74 kg
  • 2011 US Open Champion - 74 kg
  • 2011 World Champion - 74 kg
  • 2011 US World Team Trials Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 US Open Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 Olympic Trials Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 World Cup Champion - 74 kg
  • 2012 Olympic Champion - 74 kg
  • 2013 World Cup Champion - 74 kg
  • 2013 Alexander Medved Champion - 74kg
  • 2013 US Open Champion - 74kg
  • 2013 World Team Trials Champion - 74kg
  • 2013 Stephan Sargsyan Champion - 74kg
  • 2014 World Team Trails Champion - 74kg
  • 2014 US Open Champion - 74kg
  • 2014 World Championships Bronze Medal Winner - 74kg
  • 2015 Pan American Champion - 74kg
  • 100 Win Club (See Full list of 100+ wins here)


  • Two-Time NCAA Champion (2009,157; 2011, 165)
  • 2011 Hodge Trophy winner
  • 2011 InterMat Wrestler of the Year
  • Three-Time All-American (3rd, 2008; 1st, 2009; 1st, 2011)
  • Four-Time NCAA Qualifier (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011)
  • Three-Time Big 12 Champion (2008, 149; 2009, 157; 2011, 165)
  • Outstanding Wrestler of 2008 Big 12 Championships
  • Midlands Champion (2011, 165)
  • 2011 Dan Gable Most Outstanding Wrestler Award (Midlands Championship)
  • Nebraska Most Outstanding Wrestler (2008, 2009, 2011)
  • 128-20 career record
  • Fourth-most wins in school history
  • Tied for fifth-most dual wins in school history (62)
  • Sixth-best career winning percentage in school history (.865)
  • Tied for fifth-most falls in a single season in school history (20, 2011)
  • Four-time Big 12 Wrestler of the Week
  • 2011 Nebraska "Heart and Soul Award" winner